Discover Amazon Music Voice Marketing Campaigns

One of the most powerful marketing strategies that an artist has in their arsenal is to get listeners to ask their smart speaker to play their music.

Powerful Voice Ads

Use voice ads to get users to listen to your music on Amazon Music and other streaming platforms that support voice.

The Easiest Way We've Found To Gain New Fans

The fact that a new listener has to say your name to start listening is huge when it comes to building your brand. Get in touch today so we can start doing this for you.

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Algorithmic & Listener Playlisting. Powerful Results.

It takes time to cultivate a true fan base, algorithmic playlists speed up that process.

Big Shot Was Added To Over 1,000 Playlists

These playlists were mostly listeners' direct playlists that they often listen to already.

Our awesome features
Algorithmic Playlists

We drove targeted traffic directly to Spotify which resulted in over 16,000 streams just from algorithmic playlists alone.

Our awesome features
First Official Release

Big Shot was King Japs' first official release.

Our awesome features
Multiple Targeted Traffic Sources

We used multiple traffic sources to send traffic to the song. Including Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, and Google/YouTube Ads.

Our awesome features